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Dr. Tompkins uses the highest quality chiropractic care to get you feeling your best.  He  uses a combination of chiropractic biophysics, and the Palmer package of adjusting techniques to provide gentle effective care for you and your family.  Dr. Tompkins also will recommend exercises, traction and nutrition to help you relieve your pain.


Dr. Tompkins cares for pregnant moms, infants and children every day.  The Webster Technique certification allows Dr. Tompkins to help moms with breech babies.  The difficult birth process causes minor imbalances in the spine and nervous system.  Chiropractic care corrects the underlying imbalance in the spine, allowing your body to function better. you’ll feel better, and your child will be healthier because of it.


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 tompkinsIf you are looking for a Tucson chiropractor that will provide the best care for your entire family look no further than Tompkins Family Chiropractic. Dr. Emil Tompkins has been serving families and children in Northwest Tucson for over 11 years. This is due to our committed Staff, dedicated doctor, highest quality care and affordable rates. Need a Tucson Chiropractor? See Dr. Tompkins
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