Online Ergonomics Education for Pain Relief
Your posture is connected to your overall health.  You can feel it.  You probably even notice it in how you look.  You can try methods that are going to produce temporary results, or you can use the latest techniques to see real changes. 
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We've Gathered ALL The Tools You Need For Healing...
For a Limited Time
The Whole Package Is
The Ergonomics Package Contains:
  • Product One: Core 4 Posture System (value $197)
  • Product Two: Core 4 Posture Manual take it with your for guides, visuals, and cues to maintain your normal posture and have good ergonomics anywhere you go. (value $97)
  • Product Three: Get Fit fast with our 21 Day Fitness Fast Track (value $97)
  • Bonus One: Lose weight and reduce inflammation with food with our 7 Day Paleo Challenge (value $97)
  • Bonus Two: Chiropractic Evaluation And X-rays (if you're in Southern Arizona) (value $270)
Total Value $708.00
If you hurt...
Your Back Hurts
Postural and ergonomic distortions cause back pain every day. Learn 3 Exercises to drop back pain and improve lower back posture at the same time.
Your Hips Hurt
The way you sit will have lasting impacts on your health and how your body functions as a whole.  This program will teach you exactly how to sit to achieve better results.
Your Neck Hurts
TEXT NECK is a real thing. Our forward head position is causing significant problems in our neck, causing pain, headaches, migraines and more.  Fix it today!
If you don't know where to turn for a complete system.
We put it all together.  You'l have piece of mind knowing that what you'll receive is a complete system posture and ergonomics from head to toe.  So you can achieve whole body health
If you've tried exercise with no luck.
Most of the time its because you don't have the right ones.  The internet is full of "good ideas" without real results. You can see from our patient testimonials below that this system works and will help you to feel better fast. 
You've tried those posture bands with no success.
most bands, or posture supports will put you into a better position, but could cause more problems if you become dependent on them.  Our system strengthens and stretches your body in a way that allows you not only to get into a better postural position, but stay that way.
we can help...
You are going to feel like a new person again.  
We get used to the pain, the discomfort, the inability to do the things we used to do.  But it's no longer okay to do that.  Take charge of your health and see your posture improve and feel better too.
CORE 4 postural system:  (value $197)
The head to toe, A-Z postural system to correct your posture and improve your health. 
  • Quick, you'll get straight forward and simple to understand trainings that will guide you through the steps of improving your posture
  • You'll get images and infographics for a quick reference guide
  • You get training from a world renowned postural specialist, Dr. Emil Tompkins
Everywhere Ergonomics:  (value $47)
Our Everywhere Ergonomics system will teach you proper sitting, standing and sleeping posture so that you can go EVERYWHERE and feel your best
  • Posture at Work
  • Sitting Posture
  • Sleeping Posture
21 Day Fitness Fast Track:  (value $97)
As your posture improves, you'll want to keep it that way.  Our 21 day fitness fast track gives you the quick simple and effective system for improving your strength with functional fitness. 
  • Learn the fitness style that works best for you
  • Incorporate High intensity interval training into your workout regimen
  • get great workouts in as little as 7 minutes per day.
Complete Structural Evaluation:  (value $270)
If you live in Southern Arizona, you can, with your membership, receive a complete spinal evaluation and x-rays for yourself or a family member.
  • Chiropractic structural evaluation
  • Orthopedic and neurological evaluation
  • X-rays and Surface EMG/Thermography evaluation if needed. 
"Design from the Spine and you'll be fine"
carl heaton
You Will Find Out...
Why it hurts
You'll learn the 7 reasons why you have pain.  We'll identify the 3T's of chronic pain.  Knowing is half the battle
How to make it stop
There are 6 Steps For Pain Relief.  Learn how our CREATE 6 System plugs in just the right numbers to dial in your pain relief.
How make sure it never comes back
Learn how to stabilize any condition to keep the pain from ever coming back again.
Over 50 Years Of Experience In Healthcare
Dr. Emil Tompkins
For the past 16 years, we have been caring for thousands of families.  Serving people just like you with all sorts of chronic pain.

Our Team has over 50 Years of Healthcare experience and we're going to use that experience to improve your health and well being, one day at a time.

Our systems start by helping you feel better, then correct the underlying cause of your pain.  In the end, stabilization is key to keep the problem from coming back .
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