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Some extraordinary things are happening here at Tompkins Family Chiropractic because we’re being clear about staying true to our core values.

We believe that people demand the highest quality healthcare from providers who care about the whole person, not just their current issue, such as low back pain, difficult pregnancy or ADHD. At Tompkins Family Chiropractic, we help our patients achieve their highest potential in ongoing good health.

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We believe that the entire family must be healthy, not just the individual, so when you visit our office, you may see pregnant moms and even children being adjusted as early as birth. Additionally, we will make sure that there are affordable care plans to empower an entire family to have chiropractic care for as long as they choose.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community by providing the best chiropractic care available. However, being healthy needs to extend beyond the patients who enter our office. A person rarely makes a health decision until a major health problem forces them to change. We are committed to educating our community be proactive in living a truly healthy lifestyle before it’s too late and we’re picking up the pieces.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference in our community.

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If you are looking for a Tucson chiropractor that will provide the best care for your entire family look no further than Tompkins Family Chiropractic.

Experienced Doctors

17 years of clinical experience to provide you the highest quality care available.

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The latest technology to diagnose and correct your problem.

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Honest and professional service. We'll treat you like family!

Treat You Like Family

We treat our patients like family, providing them with the highest quality care and compassion.

Dr. Emil Tompkins
Owner of Tompkins Family Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Emil Tompkins! As the owner of Tompkins Family Chiropractic, he boasts a 21-year tenure as a chiropractor, driven by an enduring passion for community health.

Dr. Craig W. Brue

Dr. Craig W. Brue is a graduate of St. Olaf College and Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Brue has over 45 years of clinical experience in the treatment of the spine.

Cathy Parisi
Billing Specialist and Insurance Expert

Say hello to Cathy Parisi, our dedicated Billing Specialist with 12 years of experience. She’s a people person with a passion for healthy living, including proper nutrition and exercise.

Office Manager

Meet Leslie, a seasoned practice manager from Rockford, Illinois. With 23 years of experience in small medical practices, she’s a dedicated professional.

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